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Art by Monica Bretherton


2017 is already well under way, and I am busy!

  • Chicken Math: The Ten-City Tour — I am submitting work to regional juried shows as well looking for exhibition opportunities in public and social spaces. The goal is to show in at least ten different cities. So far: Olympia (Fishtale), Georgetown/Seattle (Counterbalance), Everett (Gro Washington), Lynden (Jansen Art Center) and Anacortes (Depot Art Center), Everett (The Schack), Edmonds (Frances Anderson Center) and Kent (The Cenntennial Art Center)./li>
  • Festivals— Stepping out of the gallery scene, I will be dipping into juried festivals this year. I Traveling with me will be my Rooster Tail Chair – this was something I created for the Shoreline Arts Festival so that there would be something interactive and touchable. I was so happy when kids found it without prompting. Even the older kids.
  • Local Color — I joined the Arlington Arts Council so that I can support the local art scene. This means hanging art at the library, painting banners for downtown Arlington and generally trying to participate in the promotion of the arts in my own neighborhood, including Art in Legion Park, the town’s own art festival.
  • Alt.cows — This new project – a spin-off of the Arlington Arts Council Cow project in a mashup with a dream I had about an all-girl grunge cover band named Silvana (yes, they played with a country twist) who had a grunge cow as their mascot. I think this project may need its own page.
  • Artist 101 — an art blog modeled on Horsebytes, my nearly ten-year old blog about my equestrian doings based on a simple premise: if I write it down, I remember it. The goal is to chronicle my adventures in the Pacific Northwest art world.

    Ongoing exhibits — A rotating series of paintings are on view at the Arlington Public Library and Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington. Also, if you are driving along 172nd Street in Smokey Point, look for my chicken banners near Walmart and the Airport.

    Shows and Festivalw — I have added a schedule to my portfolio website.


    Since childhood, I have been making art. I even have a degree in it (a BFA from SUNY Purchase).

    Alhough I have embraced other media, I have recently returned to my first love, painting, and have set to work painting the things around me. That includes chickens.

    Chickens, it turns out, are well suited to my painting interests. They have a lively presence, strong line, pattern, and the flow and texture of feathers to offer. Plus, eggs.


    It seemed logical to take my new chickens to the fair. “At the Spa” won a blue ribbon at the 2016 Stanwood/Camano Fair and at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, where “Minerva Louise’ made her debut and got a giant purple ribbon for Best in Show!

    Minerva Louise, acrylic on canvas, 12x12"
    Minerva Louise, acrylic on canvas, 12×12″

    I also did a demo day at the Fair, where I painted on site — the subject was a 4-H rooster from the chicken division. It was fun to have people stopping by my “studio” as I worked, and I was pleased with the result.


    I don’t just paint chickens. I started with ferns — the ones that I see every day in the Pacific Northwest, on foot, on horseback or driving along the road. It is easy to take them for ranted, but they are strong as well as graceful, designed to withstand even the most punishing rain and wind.


    Bracken fern – 24×30″

    My chicken paintings go on tour. Here they are at Fish Tales Brew Pub in Olympia (Oct-Nov, 2016), as well as the current exhibition at Counterbalance, with some other locations in the works.


    I am aiming for at least a ten-city tour!

    Check my Triangle Ranch Facebook Page for the most current information and more new paintings.


    A few paintings are also available at the Gro Washington Store in Sultan, WA on Highway 2 , and Giclee (archival) prints can e purchased via Society6 page