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Purpaloosa in residence, created for Endurance 101. He’s fast, he’s furious, and he’s purple. Well, not really, actually, he’s yellow, but there was a little digital spritzing. He belongs to the Bad Idea Fairy, the satirical creation of Aarene Storms, author of Endurance 101: a gentle guide to the sport of long-distance riding.

When the project’s cartoonist dropped out, I “promoted” myself from photographer to photographer and clay illustrator. When the publisher was dragging their heels, I added that credit also.

Happily, the book has been a success – selling well to its niche market of novice endurance riders. It sells not only in the US, but surpsingly well overseas – England, Canada and Australia.

Endurance 101 is available on the Endurance 101 website in both print and e-book editions The e-book is also available for the Kindle on Amazon (where the book has accumulated 20 positive reviews!) and for the Nook on Barnes and Noble.

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