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WHERE TO BUY: Understory Designs Tees and Stuff

I have busy hands and an art habit.  If something I make grabs people’s eyes, it might get added to my product line!

Understory Designs


In 2014 I launched a series of designs on fabric. It started with a single bleach-stenciled sword fern shirt that I made as an experiment. I went riding with my friends, and they said “Ooh, cool, I want one.” So I made a few more, experimented with different designs, and before you know it, I was a tee shirt vendor. It wasn’t just about selling shirts – it was a way of celebrating the wild side of the Pacific Northwest that I love so much – not just the landscape, but the people who inhabit it – and not just because the complements they have provided here:

    “I love my shirt!  Not only is it pretty, every time I wear it someone asks me if I have lost weight!” – Aarene S.

    “Best shirts EVER!!!! Very flattering to any and all shapes and sizes. ” – Jenni R.

    “I have 3 shirts from Monica Bretherton that are a year old. The colors have stayed true, the shirts haven’t shrunk, and I continue to love the artistic designs.. ” – Janice W.

    “I love my shirt by Monica that looks like snow on the cedar boughs. ” – Alice C.

    “I LOVE the two shirts I have….they are super comfortable and very flattering to any figure, come is great colors and have gorgeous designs. ” – Elayne B.

    “My go-to cozy shirt that makes me smile. ” – Duana K.

I don’t make any guarantees that the shirts will make you look thinner (though the Cedar design is indeed slimming) but it will most likely become a conversation starter. These are high-quality shirts, slightly fitted and with a touch of lycra, not your average cheap cotton tee. The bleach is neutralized shortly after being applied, so it does not deteriorate the fabric. I have extensively product-tested them myself with at least thirty washings and they really do hold up well over time.



  • WOMEN’S TEES – I have a limited stock of shirts available via my Triangle Ranch shop on Etsy. However my favorite thing to do is to sell the shirts direct, where people can touch and feel the soft cotton and even try them on to find their favorite. So I keep most of my shirts for events. You can follow my Triangle Ranch Facebook page for more updates, or sign up for announcement via the Triangle Ranch mailing list. And- BIG NEWS – I will soon be launching them at several local retail outlets.

    If you don’t see the right size or color at my Etsy Store, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or on Facebook about other available shirts. I’ll do my best to fulfil your desire, keeping in mind that some colors are no longer available, and certain designs are based on seasonal availability.

    CHILDREN’S TEES – I also have children’s tees – these are made on standard-issue unisex tees because, well, children grow, and I want to keep them affordable ($20). I even have made a few men’s shirts on request. These are part of my traveling stock, but again, contact me and I can provide!

    CUSHIONS AND THROWS – I have also added some new non-clothing items to the line in 2016 — including cushion covers and throws in 100 percent cotton flannel (so Northwest) preshrunk for softness and stability — that will be appearing in my new Amazon Handmade online store shortly. Custom orders will be available.



    The Helmet Project,/H1>
    helmet_project_weblogoIn 2013 I started a limited-edition series of 100 miniature equestrian helmets, each one different.  These look great hanging from your rear view mirror (they have proved to be durable even in extreme heat and cold) or by your desk – or hanging on a Christmas tree.

    If you are like me, you spend a lot of time driving or at the computer — I like to be reminded why I am doing it all!

    Helmets are available at my Amazon Handmade store.

    Helmet 9 - SOLD
    Helmet 9 – SOLD


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